Contrôleurs de Pompe Triphasé KEWO 2,2kw-45kw / 380V

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SG600 Solar pump drives advantages:
KewoSG600 solar  pump drive is positioned in environmental-friendly and economical PV market, the product is applicable to PV pumping system, replaces water storage with electric storage and needs no battery modules. The direct current generated by solar modules is input to the inverter and then converted into the alternating current to drive various pumps directly. Additionally, the output frequency is adjustable in real time according to sunlight intensity change.
Fully automatic system using variable speed drive compatible with AC, 3-phase, submersible and surface mount pumps, and high efficiency PMSM Pumps. The system is composed of a PV generator, a pump and a solar pump drive. Based on the design philosophy that it is more efficient to store water rather than electricity, there is no energy storing device such as storage battery in the system. The system is prepared to be combined with a elevated water storage, e.g. water tower or an uphill tank installation.

150 to 450VDC input, 220-240VAC output, 0.75 to 3.7kw
250 to 800VDC input, 380-480VAC output, 0.75 to 355kw
Descriptions and Features
Ø Maximum power point tracking (MPPT) with fast response speed and stable operation efficiency> 99%;
Ø Suits for most 3 phase AC pumps and AC PMSM high efficiency pumps.
Ø The working voltage of solar panel can set by manual or MPPT automatically tracking
Ø Compatible with dual power input, AC grid and DC power supply input.
Ø Built in automatic sleep-wake up function,
Ø Dry run (under load ) protection
Ø Motor maximum current protection
Ø Low input power protection
Ø Lowest stop frequency protection
Ø The PQ (power/flow) performance curve enables calculating the flow output from the pump
Ø Digital control for fully automatic operation, data storage and protective functions
Ø Intelligent power module (IPM) for the main circuit
Ø LED display operating panel and support remote control
Ø Low water probe sensor, and water level control function
Ø Strong lightning protection
Ambient temperature for using: -10 to +50˚C
Protection features
It is provide kinds of protection function for pumps and inverters such as  Dry run protection (under load protection), High voltage surge, Low input voltage, Open motor circuit, Short circuit, Over heat, Earth fault, Phase missing, lowest running, water tank level…
Models and specification

SN Models Rate current Output voltage ( 3PH VAC) Applicable for pumps MPPT voltage (VDC)
Mini type 2S series : 150 to 450 VDC or 220/240VAC input, Vmp 310V,Voc 380V
1 SG600-2S-0K7GB-M 3.8A 0-240VAC 0.75KW 260 to 375
2 SG600-2S-1K5GB-M 7A 0-240VAC 1.5KW 260 to 375
3 SG600-2S-2K2GB-M 9A 0-240VAC 2.2kw 260 to 375
Mini type 4T series :4T,250 to 800 VDC or 380/ 440VAC input, Vmp520, Voc650
1 SG600-4T-0K7GB-M 2.3A 380V-440V 0.75KW 486 to 750
2 SG600-4T-1K5GB-M 3.8A 380V-440V 1.5KW 486 to 750
3 SG600-4T-2K2GB-M 5.1A 380V-440V 2.2KW 486 to 750
4 SG600-4T-4K0GB-M 9A 380V-440V 4.0KW 486 to 750
General type: 2S, 150 to 450 VDC or 220/ 240VAC input, Vmp 310, Voc380
7 SG600-2S-0K7GB 3.8A 220V/240V 0.75KW 260 to 375
8 SG600-2S-1K5GB 7A 220V/240V 1.5KW 260 to 375
9 SG600-2S-2K2GB 9A 220V/240V 2.2KW 260 to 375
10 SG600-2S-4K0GB 17A 220V/240V 4.0KW 260 to 375
General type: 4T,250/350 to 800 VDC or 380/ 440VAC input, Vmp520, Voc650
11 SG600-4T-0K7GB 2.3A 380V-440V 0.75KW 486 to 750
12 SG600-4T-1K5GB 3.8A 380V-440V 1.5KW 486 to 750
13 SG600-4T-2K2GB 5.1A 380V-440V 2.2KW 486 to 750
14 SG600-4T-4K0GB 9A 380V-440V 4.0KW 486 to 750
15 SG600-4T-5K5GB 13A 380V-440V 5.5KW 486 to 750
16 SG600-4T-7K5GB 17A 380V-440V 7.5KW 486 to 750
17 SG600-4T-011GB 25A 380V-440V 11KW 486 to 750
18 SG600-4T-015GB 32A 380V-440V 15KW 486 to 750
19 SG600-4T-018GB 37A 380V-440V 18KW 486 to 750
20 SG600-4T-022GB 45A 380V-440V 22KW 486 to 750
21 SG600-4T-030G 60A 380V-440V 30KW 486 to 750
22 SG600-4T-037G 75A 380V-440V 37KW 486 to 750
23 SG600-4T-045G 91A 380V-440V 45KW 486 to 750
24 SG600-4T-055G 110A 380V-440V 55KW 486 to 750
25 SG600-4T-075G 150A 380V-440V 75KW 486 to 750
26 SG600-4T-090G 180A 380V-440V 90KW 486 to 750
27 SG600-4T-110G 220A 380V-440V 110KW 486 to 750
28 SG600-4T-132G 260A 380V-440V 132KW 486 to 750
29 SG600-4T-160G 320A 380V-440V 160kw 486 to 750
30 SG600-4T-**G ** 380V-440V 200-400 486 to 750
SG600 series solar pump inverter technical specification
**Solar pump inverter specification when PE-00=1&2
Recommended MPPT voltage range Vmp 131 to 350 VDC for 1s (80V to 350VDC input, 3PH 110 to 220VAC output)
Vmp 260 to 355VDC for 2S/ 2T ( 150V to 350VDC input, 3PH 220 to 240VAC output)
Vmp 486 to 650 VDC for 4T ( 250V to 800VDC input, 3PH 380 to 460VAC output)
Recommended input Voc and Vmpp voltage Voc 180(VDC), Vmpp 155(VDC) for 1S model or 110V AC pumps
Voc 380(VDC), Vmpp 310(VDC) for 2S model or 220V AC pumps
Voc 650(VDC), Vmpp 520(VDC) for 4T model or 380V AC pumps
Motor type Control for permanent magnet synchronous motor and asynchronous motor pumps.
Rated output voltage 1/3-Phase,110V/160V/220V. 3-phase, 220V/380V/460V
Output frequency range 0~maximum frequency 600Hz.
MPPT efficiency Above 99.0%,
Ambient temperature range G-type for submersible pumps, 150% rated current for 60s, 180% rated current for 2s . P type for general pumps, 120% rated current for 60s, 150% rated current for 2s
Solar pump control special performance MPPT ( maximum power point tracking), CVT (constant voltage tracking), auto/manual operation, dry run protection, low stop frequency protection, minimum power input, motor maximum current protection, flow calculating, energy generated calculating and water tank level detected
Protection function Phase loss protection, phase short circuit protection, ground to phase circuit protection , input and output short circuit protection. Stall protection, lightning protection
Protection degree IP20, Air force cooling
Running mode MPPT or CVT
Altitude Below 1000m; above 1000m, derated 1% for every additional 100m.
Enhanced version of AC drive CE, Design based on vector control motor AC drive, more specification please refer to S600 or S600 vector control drive operation manual
Technical specification of variable frequency inverter when PE00=0(solar pump disable)
voltage, frequency 1 phase 220V, 3 phase, 220V,380V, 660V, 0-50/60Hz
Control mode 0: VF control ; 1: Open loop vector control mode
2: Close loop vector control mode
Maximum frequency 0-320Hz in vector control mode, 0~3200Hz in VF control mode
Multiple-functions PID Control, Carrier Frequency Adjustable, Current Limiter, Speed Search, Momentary Power Loss Restart,16 Step Speed (Max), 3-Wire connection, Slip Compensation, Frequency Jump,  DC braking, Upper/Lower Frequency, Torque control, Compatible for PMSM and IM, built in RS485, counting, fault information checking, fully fault protection function, frequency combination reference.

SG600 solar pump inverter wiring steps.

Wiring as below attached pictures. It is accepted dual power AC/DC mode connecting input.
User can able to install a power switchover to selection which mode power input as conditions.
6.1. Wiring P+ and P- of DC solar power to R, T terminals, or 1/3 phase cables of AC power supply to R, T ( R, S, T) of inverter.( 1 phase 220VAC AC inupt connect to L, N of inverter).
6.2. Built a Run/Stop switch S1 to start pumping whensettingP0.02for 1,that inverterworks in terminals control mode.This inverter can achieve auto start at morning when sun light radiation is good, auto stop when sun set when sunlight radiation is low.
6.3. Built a switch 2 to disable solar pump control mode when connecting AC grid input.
The inverter can be used fora variable speed drive (VFD) for pumps speed adjusting as need  The output frequency can be adjusted byP0-03 frequency reference mode setting. The MPPT function is closed when turn off switch 2 and set P4.02=53. The solar pump control mode function also can be disable by parameters setting PE00=0.
6.4. Connect 2 wires of float ball sensor to DI4 and COM for water tank level fulling detecting, and set P4.03=51( float ball NO relay alarm). When water level reached to sensor detecting, the normal open (NO) relay point will be activated, invereter will stop pumping, and sent a A.FuL alarm.
6.5. Connect 2 wires of sensor of dry run sensor of well to DI5 and GND, and set F4.04=52 ( dry run NC relay alarm).
It will sent alarm A.LLd and stop pumping when lack of water in well for dry run protection.


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